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Seamless Integration, Simplified with Appy Fatoora

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Effortless E-Invoicing with Our Plug-and-Play Restful APIs

In the rapidly changing world of digital invoicing, Appy Fatoora stands at the forefront, offering businesses a streamlined, user-friendly solution. Dive into how we make the integration process a breeze for your enterprise:

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1. Universal Compatibility

Appy Fatoora’s plug-and-play Restful APIs are crafted for adaptability. Whether you’re operating with a complex ERP system or a versatile POS setup, our APIs ensure a direct and seamless linkage.

2. Direct Access to Appy Fatoora’s E-Invoicing Cloud Platform

Upon integration, your system will be directly interfaced with our cutting-edge E-invoicing cloud platform. This connection guarantees real-time processing and instantaneous e-invoice generation.

3. Middleware Excellence

More than just a connector, Appy Fatoora’s E-invoicing platform serves as a robust middleware. By seamlessly connecting your ERP/POS system with the ZATCA system, we offer a turnkey solution, ensuring your business achieves 100% e-invoicing compliance effortlessly.

4. Stress-Free Compliance

With Appy Fatoora, you’re always in the clear. Our platform is consistently updated to align with the latest ZATCA regulations, ensuring every e-invoice generated is compliant and up to standard.

Benefits of Partnering with Appy Fatoora:

  • Simplicity at its Best: Quick and easy integration with our plug-and-play APIs.
  • Instantaneous Results: Benefit from real-time e-invoice generation with our direct cloud interface.
  • Always Compliant: Stay ahead and align with ZATCA regulations effortlessly.
  • Dedicated Support: Our team is committed to ensuring smooth integration and providing continuous assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to integrate with my ERP/POS?

It usually takes about 4-6 weeks to fully integrate Appy Fatoora’s E-invoicing APIs with your ERP/POS system.

2. Will I need to make big changes to my ERP?

Not really. Appy Fatoora’s APIs work with your current ERP setup. We set things up so our system talks to your ERP with little to no changes on your end.

3. I have multiple ERP/POS systems in my company. Can Appy Fatoora handle that?

Absolutely! Appy Fatoora’s APIs are designed to work with any ERP system. Our cloud-based platform can communicate with all your ERP/POS systems at the same time.

4. Can Appy Fatoora send the E-invoice to my customers?

Yes, it can. ZATCA requires businesses to share the final E-invoice with customers. Appy Fatoora can automatically email the E-invoice to your customers every time one is created.

5. Can Appy Fatoora store the E-invoice for me?

Yes, we can. ZATCA wants every E-invoice to be stored in a way that it can be accessed later if needed. Appy Fatoora can save these E-invoices in the required format, and you can view them on our platform whenever you wish.

6. Who will handle the integration with my ERP/POS?

Appy Fatoora offers two options:

1.Full Service: We have a big team of integration experts. They’ll work with your IT team to handle everything from start to finish.
2.Guidance: If your IT team wants to handle the integration, our experts can guide them through the process.


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