Reservation & Booking App

Mobile App + Website so clients can reserve/book services/staff, in an easy, online way.


The benefits of the App + Site:

* Payment in advance
* Customer self-scheduling
* New patients prefer it, and expect it these days
* Client convenience
* Client Management
* Reduced no-shows
* Accessibility: Reservation works 24 Hours/7 days
* Staff scheduling
* Marketing
* Appointment Reminders
* Online Scheduling Reduces Strain on Office Staff
* Virtual Receptionist
* Professional system without the cost of salaries
* You’ll get more appointments
* You can easily manage your calendar


Payment Methods:

Client can pay with either of the following:

  • Sadad account
  • Visa
  • bank transfer
  • Payment on coming to office

Who benefits from this App + site:

Service Shops
Lawyer Offices