Real Estate E-Commerce site + Mobile App

Real Estate Shops/Renting Shops

We design/develop for you a website for your estate products, to sell/rent, lands, buildings, apartments, with a mobile app, to ease the searching of your clients.

E-Commerce Site/App characteristics

• Easily search for any product, and sort the result by price, other fields.
• Search in product properties, like price, area, number of rooms, extra.
• Search by Google Maps.
• You can enter a lot of product verities like: Building, apartment, land, animal land, car like renting tractors, Vilas, hotel rooms.
• Enter fields like: Price, Rent Price, Bathrooms, Sleeping Rooms, address, and whatever fields you want.
• Unlimited number of pictures.
• Easily share the product page by social media.
• Each product page, you can see its location on google maps.
• Users can compare two products, by putting next to each other, to compare their properties.
• Clients can make products into their favorite list.
• When you open a product, you will see in its page, other related products.
• Categories: You can search by categories: building, cars, lands, apartments,…
• Visitors can Add their products if allowed, free or paid ad.
• Add an end date, to stop a product, when that date is reached.
• show pictures in a slideshow.
• Arabic/English.

Agents/Other Agencies

• Its possible to make a page for agents, or companies that work as partners in all regions and countries.
• Enter all agents under your company and each agent will have his own page.
• Link the product with an agent.
• Easily show agent picture in the product page that he is linked to.
• Allow agents to enter new products, and link the product with the agent.
• Specify the privileges of the agent, to change, delete products that he has entered or others.
• Agents list, and an easy way to filter/search in them.


Customer Relation Management (CRM)

• Store Registered Clients in the site.
• Send eMails to them, and messages through their social media accounts.
• Clients List, and an easy way to filter/search in them.

Lounge Renting

Its possible to add renting lounges daily, half a day, or by hours, and by this, you can be the central to rent all lounges in the area, and other areas, by taking a small fee, for the renting, through the site.

Payment types: Sadad Account + Visa + Bank Transfer + Payment on delivery

Invoicing, Contracts, Payment

• Add invoices through the site, for the agent/client, if he buys/rent or show a product in your site.
• Payment types: Sadad Account + Visa + Bank Transfer + Payment on delivery
• Reminder Messages will be sent to remind of payment.
• Pay the amount fully, or partially, like collecting a small fee or tip for Reserving the apartment/lounge.
• Invoices List, and an easy way to filter/search in them


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