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برنامج يحولك من موظف في محلك، لإداري تدير المحل وتتفرغ لتوسعة نشاطاتك

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PC Software to Manage All Shop Types, which will e your lead to bigger success and manage your work with ease

PC Software to Manage Your Sales/Purchases/Stock/Returns.




Multi Language


Easy to useTouch Enabled/Support multiple
printer types
VAT Can be
Advanced Search
and Operations Reports
Client/Vendor Balance SheetBig Restaurants/Multiple Tables
/Rooms and printers
Client Subscription,
Washing/Rent/Service Invoices
SMS Campinas
For Clients


Software Promo



 SMS Campinas


Possibility to link numbers to excel/oracle/ms dynamics/Extract phones from one or all invoices/clients
/Products Transactions/Bills
Filter numbers by products that got bought/sold or sale date
or any field in the application
Each campaign has its invoice/price and who got a message
SMS works with 7 SMS Providers


Supported Shops


Clothes/Super-Market/GroceryMobile/Car service ShopsTools ShopsTravel Agencies/Hajj Agencies
SaloonsElectric Shops/Pluming ShopsAll Product Shops/Service ShopsRestaurants
Vegetable ShopsCoffee shopsLibraryPharmacy/Beauty Shops
Big Restaurants/Tables/Rooms


Gold Shops

Calculate Daily Stock Price in Purchase price/Sale PriceCalculate products with the current daily Gold/Silver price
several times a day/ with profit margin



To download the program
Click here

Video Clips that describe how to install and use
the program,
Arabic/English, click here


Free for only: People with special needs, society, Hajj/Umra/Travel Agency, Restaurant Trucks, Land Rent Shops, Designers, Commercial shops, Writers, Computer shops




All Professional propertiesAll basic propertiesAll the above
Mobile App to sell
over the internet
Multi Branch, Multi Cashiers,
Multi Users, Multi Stores
Price: 2,000 SAR,
after discount 899 SAR
Price: 9,000 SAR,
after discount 5,999 SAR
Price: 5,000 SAR,
after discount 1,999 SAR


Properties that make “Al-Wasta software” better than other software:

Search in 90-95% of the fields/data of the softwareSelect which theme you like
Reports for 90-95% of all windows
and each user can make his own reports
Export All Reports and most software data to Excel/Word/pdf
Warnings on 90-95% of the fields/data, and per userEntering Products with Excel style way. to speed data entry
Charts on 90-95% of fields/data, with multiple chart typesTree Lists, You can show data in inheritance trees, like accounts/banks/clients/people
The software will stay fast even if it has millions of recordsYou can search in tree lists
You can make comparisons between fields in the reportConditional Format in Data Lists: You can change fields color depending on its value
Re-Design Forms/Windows to suite your needsGroup by fields in reports, and get their summaries
Get Grouped fields summariesAnalytics with by charts through days/months/most data fields
You can search in most fields like excel filter:

begin with/end with/contains/equal/not equal/between two values/
before/after/less than/bigger than/between two dates

Link between selection fields and their search/entry forms


Windows/Functions in the software

There is a lot of forms designed in the software, to benefit a lot of client types.

and the following are their names:  Click here


Other Properties:

Click Here



Some of our clients



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