One Hospital File Worldwide One Hospital File Worldwide

A mobile App + Website to unit a person health file, in one place, every-where, and ease reaching it, by hospitals, and secure it from non authorized people.


The benefits of the App + Site:

* Multilingual for all countries and nationalities.

* One Hospital/Health file for each person, that can be seen by a mobile app or a website.

* The patient, sends a temporary password for several minutes, and specify, to allow view or addition, and old entries can't be deleted.

* For each disease, there is a field for free text, and other numerical fields, like percentage, to ease Analysis.

* Medicines issues for each disease.

* Information can be exported to hospital programs, if the patients or who ever he specified to be in trust, to send a password to allow the export.

* Easing the look at the patient disease history, where-ever he goes.

* Allow printing for prescription.

* Daily tips, about health information, from the official sponsors.

* Link patient file to bio-metric devices for monitoring:

.      Blood Pressure
.      Body Temperature
.      Breathing
.      Stress
.      ECG, measures pulse rate and rhythm
.      Oxygen saturation
.      Sleep measuring
.      Fitness trackers
.      Genetic sequencing to identify at-risk populations
.      Glucose monitoring
.      Heart rate monitor
.      Monitors a woman’s fertility and menstrual cycle
.      Smart scale: weight and body fat percentage
.      Pinpoint location of patients for health care personal


* Indefinite number of properties for a disease, without going back to programming, and each property has its own analytical values

* Possibility to make analysis/statistics on all properties/Some properties/Linked properties/linked diseases with each other.

* Indefinite number of properties for a medicine, and for each property its own values, to study the effects of a medicine on a patient or number of patients, and the interstices of having multiple medication together.

* Possibility to make comparison analytics between multiple properties, in several date, or overall dosage, with one patient or his family.

* Disease Tree: so its easy to have similar diseases under each other, plus, each disease can relate to another by one of its properties, this will make the relationship between diseases un-limited.

* Properties Tree: so properties can be grouped together, and set their values in multiple languages, and make new relations between the properties.

* Property Graph Relations: Multiple relations between diseases and their self's, and their properties, and analysis their interactions in all patients in a specific area/date or over all.

* heritage relations analysis



Version 2


* Enabling researchers to conduct research and statistics in the relations between diseases and their properties, and the human properties, and medicine properties, on the scale of millions of people, without compromising their identities, to know the scale and direction of an infection, a disease and its relation to another, discovery of new effects of a medicine, or the benefits of a specific food.

* Allowing for entering other species data, in the billions, like animals and their diseases, and their relation to human diseases.

* Entering insects data, and their effects on crops, or how they transfer diseases to humans.

* Entering Viruses/bacteria/fungus and their properties, and their effects on humans and other species.

* Indefinite categorization for each person/disease/medicine/creature/property.

* Possibility to make relations between the previous indefinitely, for each researcher, to study the relation between a medicine and a disease or a property, extra..

* Contracting with research companies and universities and medicine companies for conducting their own researches.

* Each hospital/researcher/doctor have its own account in the app/website and from it, he can conduct his own analysis/graphs/relations with the previous.

* The design will ease the usage of artificial intelligent to conduct analysis and make new modules/links/relation and to output new medicines/results.


 Version 3

* Invoicing doctor visits/accounting

* Enabling Researchers to morph/program the change in properties in his profile only, to forecast the future.


One Hospital File Worldwide

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