Mega Companies Site

Online website to manage your company

Do you want to have a free website/app/program to be:

  • Works on PCs + Tablets + Mobiles (Android + iPhone)
  • Manage Sales/Invoices
  • Manage Purchase
  • Manage Clients
  • Manage Vendors
  • Manage Stocks/where-houses (Multiple where-houses)
  • Manage Multiple companies, and multiple branches under each company
  • Works in multiple cities/countries
  • Manages Income/Expenses
  • Ready to calculate taxes
  • Link your software to your clients so they can make online orders
  • Link your software to your vendors, to make your orders from them into electronic orders in their software
  • Multi-Lingual (Arabic/English/Urdo/Hindi/...)

This is your chance, to have a free program, which will be given to one client, so do you want to be that client?



روائع الابتكار