I Care: App + Website to help elderly and disabled


“I Care”: a mobile app(Android+iPhone) + website, to help in:

* Elderly people

* Special People: Blind, Deaf, paralyzed, extra…

* Psychiatric patients

* Help Centers

The benefits of the App + Site:

* Multilingual for all countries and nationalities.

* Connect all these people together, to socialize.

* Encourage people to visit them, and help them in their needs.

* Encourage people to socialize with them.

* Ease marriage between them.

* Connect Psychiatric patients to the out side world.

* Specify their needs, so people can know what they can help in, like washing their clothes, bathing them, feeding…

Official Sponsors

Who wants to be included in the Official Sponsors, for making this mobile app + website, to help these people, contact us.