Human Donation Mobile App + Website


An app that eases the registration of Donors all over the world, and what they want to Donate, to facilitate reaching them by patients or hospitals.


The benefits of the App + Site:

* Multilingual for all countries and nationalities.

* Location of the donor, if he wants.

* Donor Contacts or use the app to contact him.

* Donor information

* Specify the type of donation: Heart/lung/kidney/liver/bowel/pancreas/cornea/tissue

* Encourage people to make a will, and write that they allow to use their body parts.

* Donors Relative Contacts in case of emergency.

* Search by google maps or country/city for near by donors.

* Daily health tips for app users.

Official Sponsors

Who wants to be included in the Official Sponsors, for making this mobile app + website, to help these people, contact us.