HR Management Site


HR Management Website (Local to the company/or on the net)

A website to manage corporate job titles, and their staff, and prepare their salaries, and create analytical reports about them.

The benefits of the App + Site:

* Multilingual Arabic/English/Urdo/…
* If its installed on the corporate premise, then its available to all its branches through the internet, and if its installed on the internet, then its access everywhere.
* Departments/Jobs Tree
* Job Financial Accounts
* People Information
* Staff Information
–       Staff/Manager Tree
–       Warnings: Expiry of Visa + Eqama + ID + License + Passport
–       Diseases
–       Staff Expenses (Clothes/Shoes/Tools)
–       Overall Staff Expenses (Staff apartment/Car)
–       Staff Violations/Warnings
–       Social Insurance
–       Medical Insurance
–       Staff Financial Accounts
–       Loans and their installments
* Violations/Warnings Tree
* Communications Tree
* Corporate/Branch Tree
* Projects Tree
* Income/Expense Tree
* Reports
–       Staff Accounting Reports
–       Government Reports
–       Bank Salary Export

* Analytical Reports on staff expenses (Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly) in:
–       Project Expenses
–       Corporate/Branch Expenses
–       Comparisons Between (Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly)
–       Analysis on the level of Staff/Job/Department/Branch/Corporate + Charts on:
–       – Allowance, additions, loan, salary
–       – Loan installment, discount, violation, insurance, absence, holidays
–       Analysis is done on the level of each node on the tree
* Page for the Staff(To do some of his functionality like requesting vacation)
* Page for managers(for approving vacation requests and other things)
* File Tree: Saves All Staff files + Corporate/Branches files