General specifications of the Wasta Points of Sale program


Next, a short and simplified list of general features of the Wasta Point of Sale program


Searches 90-95% of the program's fields/data


The ability to select a theme that suits the employee or the decor


There are reports on 90-95% of windows, and each user can create his own reports, with an unlimited number
We provide zakat and tax services for all tax establishments
Zakat and tax services

Data export

The ability to export all reports, and most of the program’s data, to Excel, Word, and PDF


Alerts on 90-95% of fields/data, depending on each user

Fast entry of products

The possibility of entering products in a manner similar to the Excel program, to speed up the process of entering the names of products and services, their prices and information

Graphic columns

Bar charts on 90-95% of the fields, with different types of bar charts

Tree lists

Tree lists - can be displayed in the form of an inheritance tree, such as accounts, bank accounts, customers, people, and others

Program speed

The speed of the program, no matter how many bills over the years

Neighborhood search

The ability to search directly in the tree lists

Field comparisons

The ability to make comparisons between fields in reports

Conditional formats

Conditional formatting in lists and lists: The ability to change the colors of the lines of lists according to a field value

Change the look of windows

The possibility of changing the shape of the windows to match the type of work, by changing the locations of the fields or hiding them

field totals

The possibility of outputting field totals in all statements/lists

Data collection

The possibility of grouping lists/statements data on one or more fields

Analytical processes

Paying attention to analytical processes through graphs and comparisons of days and months,
and years on the majority of program data. Chart analysis by day, month, quarter, year

Field comparisons

The ability to make comparisons between fields in reports

Interconnection of fields

Optional fields are linked to the search and input windows in most of the program's windows
We provide human resources services to all tax establishments
Human resource services

Create new fields

The ability to create new fields in the form of mathematical functions among other fields on most tables

Store evaluation

Evaluating the value of all stores at several prices

Earnings calculation

Calculating profits and costs on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual basis, and storing each calculation

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