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Wasta Point of sale software

Competitive prices and statements - clients, suppliers, management -

Sales - purchases - stores - price calculation with tax

A point of sale program that contains tools dedicated to small and large enterprises in various sectors and tax and non-tax trends

Approved by the Zakat and Tax Authority

We support the requirements of the Zakat and Tax Authority in issuing electronic invoices
Masterpieces of Innovation is the partner approved by the Zakat and Income Authority in supporting the electronic bill
To search for the name of the institution, on the Zakat and Income Authority website, type the word “masterpieces” in the search field on the page:
The page of the Zakat and Income Authority for approved companies
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Basic features

Important features and suitable for all facilities

General specifications of the Wasta Points of Sale program

Simple and easy

Advanced search and reports
Comprehensive operations

Sales, purchase and return invoices

Details and account statement
Accurate to customers and suppliers

Restaurant systems support
Multiple tables and printers

Subscription and billing support
Laundries, maintenance and rental

Tax support
Value Added

Touch screen support
And all printers and devices

Advertising campaigns for clients

Advertising campaigns on free WhatsApp

Banking operations

revenues and expenses

10 international languages

International languages ​​covering most of the needs of the Arab world and staff in multiple languages

Promo offers

Some educational and explanatory videos for the POS program. Follow our channel for more

More videos
Extract numbers from one or all invoices - customers - employees - product movement - customer movement - vouchers.
Filtering - Filtering the numbers according to the types of products that were purchased, sold or their classifications,
Or the purchasing period, or filtering in the rest of the fields, which is in the dozens.
Each campaign is dated, priced, and includes all those to whom it was sent
Messages works with 7 SMS providers.
The ability to connect to WhatsApp on hundreds of numbers with the click of a button
Advertising campaigns via WhatsApp and SMS
The work of the shop, establishment or company is not complete without advertising campaigns to attract customers interested in your products or services

Stores supported by the program

The following are some of the supported areas and stores, but are not limited to them

clothing stores | groceries | Super Market

Equipment and mobile maintenance stores

Hardware stores and car workshops

Travel agencies/Hajj and Umrah campaigns

Salons - women's concerns

Plumbing stores - electricians

All stores selling products - services - maintenance


Vegetable and fruit stores

Coffee shop

Libraries and stationery

Pharmacies - decoration and beauty stores

Large restaurants and multi-table support

Shops selling seedlings and plants

Gold - silver - jewelry stores

Price table

A price schedule that suits all establishments, from small to large, and is characterized by competitive prices that suit all categories and fields
Functional differences between versions

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